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ENGG 168: Biomedical Radiation Transport


Alternate years: 19F: Mon 5-6:05
Wed 5-6:05
Fri 2:30-3:35

No Textbook Required


ENGS 23 or equivalent

This course will provide a general overview of radiation transport mechanisms in matter, beginning with a derivation of the Boltzmann radiation transport equation, and examining the various approximations possible. Focus on the single-energy Diffusion approximation will be examined in detail, as it relates to neutron diffusion nuclear reactors and optical photon diffusion. Review of photon diffusion in tissue will be discussed as it relates to tissue spectroscopy and imaging. Fundamental research papers in this field will be presented and reviewed, covering aspects of multiple scattering, Mie scattering, and scattering phase functions. Stochastic model-based approaches will be covered as well, such as the Monte Carlo model. Numerical approaches to solving these models will be introduced.