Space Science & Engineering Research

Space science and engineering research is within the overall program area of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) at Dartmouth aimed at advancing technologies ranging from semiconductor devices to advanced communication networks, from self-powered sensors to electric cars, from wearable devices to cognitive medical imaging, and from autonomous vehicles to smart cities.

To investigate the influence of the Sun on the near-Earth space environment and the flow of energy through the geospace system, researchers use ground-based radar measurements of the motion of plasma in the ionosphere made by the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN). Dartmouth engineers are responsible for two radars in the network, located in central Oregon, and are constructing two additional radars in Iceland.

Research Subfields

Ionospheric remote sensing

Global-scale magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling

Convection climatology

Radiowave propagation

Data assimilation and synthesis