From the laboratory to the world

Dartmouth convenes the brightest minds from a range of disciplines to take on today's toughest challenges. Faculty, students, and research partners confront engineering problems with an entrepreneurial spirit, developing technologies and processes that lead to patents—and entrepreneurial ventures.

From inventor to entrepreneur

Innovation at Thayer School has produced groundbreaking advances from health-care technologies to green energy to microscopic robots. With the help of experienced faculty entrepreneurs and extensive Dartmouth resources, faculty, alumni, and students have turned their ideas into vital and successful companies.

And Thayer School offers the nation's first doctoral-level engineering Innovation Program meant to provide PhD graduates with the entrepreneurial training they need to turn research discoveries into marketable applied technologies.

Hear Professor Tillman Gerngross, chemical engineer, molecular biologist, and entrepreneur, tell his story for the 2017 Dartmouth Presidential Lecture:

Alumni Spotlights: The Dartmouth Difference

Nicholas Nesbitt '85 Th'87, Founder and CEO of KenCall, on discovering your own path to making a difference.

Ariel Diaz '02 Th'04, Co-founder, President, and CEO of YouCastr; Partner, Scenario4, on creating a platform to teach yourself.

Judy Geer '75 Th'83, Co-owner, Concept2Rowing, and former Olympic rower, on how collaboration prepares engineers for success.