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The Dartmouth Aires Advance Again on NBC's The Sing-Off

Oct 27, 2011   |   by Bonnie Barber   |   Dartmouth Now

With a rousing a cappella rendition of the Flo Rida hit, “Club Can’t Handle Me,” the Dartmouth Aires—including engineering major Will Hart '12—advanced to the next round of NBC’s The Sing-Off on Monday, October 24. The Aires were one of seven groups to move on in the all-vocal competition, and will perform again on October 31.

This week’s episode required the groups to perform a hip-hop song. As Clark Moore ’13 pointed out on the show, while the group performs a variety of musical styles, hip-hop is usually not one of them because of the limiting four-chord arrangements. But the Aires had the studio audience on their feet by the end of the song, as Michael Odokara-Okigbo ’12 traded off on lead vocals with Henry Luehrman ’12, who rapped for only the second time.

“I wrote down swagger,” said judge Sara Bareilles after the Aires’ performance. “I love the energy you project on stage. You are enjoying what you’re doing so much and it’s really, really fun to watch.”

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