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Two of Three DALI Lab Pitch Prizes go to Dartmouth Engineers

Feb 27, 2020   |   The DALI Lab

Bras, Burial, and Bacteria Star at the 15th Semiannual Pitch Competition

Twelve entrepreneur hopefuls brought polished presentations to the stage to convince both audience and judges that their business idea was worth investing in. While there can only be three official winners, the hosts of the competition, The DALI Lab and Magnuson Center, hope that The Pitch is a launchpad for all contestants. ...

DALI Lab Pitch winners
Engineering PhD candidates Amogha Tadimety, Alison Burklund, and Chase Yakaboski

... [Engineering PhD candidate] Chase Yakaboski took home the Build Prize with Aerial Burial, a drone-based memorialization platform. The platform provides an opportunity for relatives to legally and safely scatter the ashes of their loved ones in a respectful, affordable, and meaningful fashion. The Build Prize grants Yakaboski one term of working with a full team of DALI developers and designers to build out the platform in preparation for live testing.

The Startup Prize provides the winner with $1000 and startup support from the Magnuson Center. [Engineering PhD candidates] Amogha Tadimety and Alison Burklund won the Startup Prize for Nanopathdx, a rapid, portable diagnostic platform for infectious diseases. The goal is rapid pathogen identification, a process that is essential to determine the correct antibiotic treatment for sepsis, but one that currently is incredibly time-consuming.

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