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Dartmouth Engineering Celebrates the Class of 2020

Aug 10, 2022

Dartmouth Engineering welcomed back its Class of 2020 for a long-awaited celebration of their graduation, more than two years after COVID-19 pushed ceremonies online. Inside the new Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center on Friday, graduates in full regalia processed into the atrium to the applause of family and friends.

Thayer's Class of 2020 gathered with family and friends inside the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center for the ceremonial hooding.

The ceremonial hooding, led by Senior Associate Dean Laura Ray, provided the engineering alumni an opportunity to take part in a long-held investiture tradition. As Professor Sol Diamond '97 Th'98 read their names, Professor Douglas Van Citters '99 Th'03 Th'06 hooded BE and MEM graduates, while faculty hooded their PhD advisees.

In her closing address, Thayer Board of Advisors Chair Samantha Truex '92 Th'93 Tu'95 described the class as "extraordinary" for becoming the "Dartmouth engineers that this world needs," even in unprecedented times.

Thayer's events were part of a larger Dartmouth-wide weekend celebration. More than 800 graduates—well over half the Class of 2020—returned to Hanover with more than 2,000 family and friends to take part in Saturday's much-anticipated commencement ceremony.

Class of 2020 Photo Album

All photos by Mark Washburn

Allison Anderson '20 Th'20 is hooded by Professor Doug Van Citters, associate dean for undergraduate education, who performed the hooding for Thayer's bachelor of engineering and master of engineering management alumni.

Friends and family applauded Camille Toruño '20 Th'20 and Mary Tobin '20 Th'20, who were part of a team that earned the Dartmouth Society of Engineers prize in 2020 for their project, "Alternatives to the Dartmouth Heating System."

Professor Jifeng Liu celebrates with his former PhD advisee, Sidan Fu Th'20.

Professor Sol Diamond celebrates with his former PhD advisee, Jenny Qiu Th'20.

Professor Laura Ray congratulates PhD graduates Amogha Tadimety Th'20 (center) and Ian Trase Th'20. Tadimety, along with Kayla Duval Th'20, delivered the student investiture address during the virtual ceremony in 2020.

Kenya Jacob '20 Th'20 receives her hood from Professor Doug Van Citters.

Dartmouth Provost David Kotz '86 (left), who delivered the welcoming remarks, watches the ceremony alongside Professors Elizabeth Murnane and Benoit Cushman-Roisin.

Thayer Board of Advisors Chair Samantha Truex '92 Th'93 Tu'95 delivered the closing address, describing the Class of the 2020 as "extraordinary" for harnessing what they had learned as students to become "the Dartmouth engineers that this world needs."

The graduates adjourn for the rest of the weekend festivities.

Class of 2020 Photo Album

All photos by Mark Washburn

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