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Paulsen awarded Pritzker Chair

Mar 04, 2011

CONTACT: Catharine Lamm

Keith Paulsen
Keith Paulsen

Keith Paulsen has been appointed Dartmouth's first Robert A. Pritzker Professor of Biomedical Engineering. The professorship recognizes faculty scholarship at the intersection of engineering and medicine—one of Thayer School's main research focus areas.

Professor Paulsen is a leading innovator of medical imaging technology and cancer therapeutics, primarily for the breast and brain. Along with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues, Paulsen has worked for over 20 years to advance clinical science through the merging of engineering modeling methodology with an array of imaging techniques.

In addition to his primary appointment at Thayer School, Paulsen is also Professor of Radiology at Dartmouth Medical School, Director of the Dartmouth Advanced Imaging Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Co-Director of the Cancer Imaging and Radiobiology Research Program at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Paulsen received his BS in biomedical engineering from Duke and his PhD from Dartmouth.

"We are honored and grateful to the Pritzker family for their recognition and support of the collaborative research and teaching Dartmouth is doing at the interface of engineering and medicine," said Joe Helble, Professor and Dean of Thayer School.

Robert Pritzker
Robert Pritzker
Tony Pritzker
Tony Pritzker

Tony Pritzker D'82 and his wife, Jeanne, have endowed the Robert A. Pritzker Professorship in Biomedical Engineering in honor of Tony's Uncle, Robert Pritzker, a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) where he majored in industrial engineering. Robert Pritzker's interest in industrial processes led the family into manufacturing and later enabled him to turn around a vast array of troubled companies that became The Marmon Group. Robert Pritzker served as chair of IIT's board of directors and, among his many philanthropic activities, established the Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering at IIT.

Said Tony, "I wanted to do something to honor my uncle and I wanted to do it at Thayer School."

Tony is the managing partner of The Pritzker Group, a private-equity firm he co-founded with his brother, J.B., in 2002. In Thayer School's integrated department of engineering sciences, Tony studied a broad range of engineering disciplines which has served him well in business. "I'm the operations person, while my brother is the finance person," says Tony. "I like to run companies and turn companies around."

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