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Nation's Top MEM Schools Compete in "Business War Games"

Jan 29, 2016

Members of the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) will go head-to-head in the PriSim Business War Games Competition starting today through March 3rd.

During this web-based simulation competition, participants will run a simulated automobile company, make decisions as a team, and compete against other MEMPC schools. The simulation will run over multiple iterations, simulating a multi-year span of time.

MEMPC PriSim Comp

The competition overview states: "Students start by conducting an analysis of the business environment before articulating the vision and mission of the organization. They must manage short- and long-term objectives, making integrated decisions that impact all areas of the business. Teams compete directly against each other with the results being dependent upon how the competitors interact, what new products are introduced, and how these products are supported ... Groups of 4 students (maximum of two teams from each MEMPC School) are put in the role of a management team that takes over one of several companies competing in the domestic automobile industry. Some companies choose to position themselves as high-end niche producers while others are more value and volume driven. Each company begins the simulation with three vehicles and then must decide how best to improve their performance and potentially enter new market segments that offer opportunities for growth."

Says Dartmouth MEM graduate and associate director Ross Gortner Th'03 '04, "This is a wonderful opportunity for our MEM students to apply what they are learning in a simulated real world environment. PriSim provides a great platform for our student to engage in the auto industry where engineering management is so critical. School pride will add even more energy to the competition and it'll be exciting to see who comes out on top."


The Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) is a small group of highly selective and forward-thinking professional graduate engineering management programs collaborating to raise awareness of the MEM degree, expand its value-added opportunities, and forge business partnerships.

About PriSim

PriSim Business War Games aims to help clients improve decision-maker’s business acumen, strategic thinking, and financial awareness. PriSim develops and conducts live seminars that combine computerized business simulations with classroom lectures, exercises, and discussions. Clients include top companies across many industries: companies that are focused on developing their most critical strategic resource — the knowledge capital of their people.

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