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MicroStrain Joins Dartmouth in NSF's Partnerships for Innovation

Sep 16, 2011   |   MicroStrain

MicroStrain, Inc. has teamed with Dartmouth to stimulate the transformation of knowledge created by the research and education enterprise into innovations that create new wealth and help build strong local, regional, and national economies through a program known as Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The PFI program awarded Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering a grant to provide up to $600,000 of funding to candidates taking part in the school’s Ph.D. Innovation Program. MicroStrain will work with a Ph.D. candidate to investigate cognitive signal processing mechanisms and computational platforms that will lead to reduced power and increased frequency response for next generation sensing systems. This technology is important for MicroStrain’s individual embedded wireless sensor nodes as well as for wireless sensor data aggregators (WSDA®) for real-time processing of data, including data managed on MicroStrain’s SensorCloud® platform.

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