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MEM Student Wins The Pitch Competition Startup Prize

Nov 07, 2022   |   by Catha Mayor

Dartmouth Master of Engineering Management (MEM) candidate Martin Roeck won "The Pitch" competition Startup Prize from The DALI Lab and Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship. "I pitched ZappShot, a technology solution that allows businesses to find decarbonization solutions instantly, at zero cost to the business, and radically transforms how businesses approach decarbonization," says Roeck. The prize consists of $1K in Magnuson startup funding.

Martin Roeck at The Pitch

"We have a prototype complete and are ready to build and release a minimum viable product," adds Roeck. "We are looking for a motivated team of software engineers and designers to do so. Our team is evolving and growing. Currently, it consists of myself and Prutha Atre, another Thayer MEM student."

Although key details are being kept private while the idea continues to take shape, they say ZappShot provides instant decarbonization assessments, and, from there, supports businesses on their decarbonization journey.

As for Roeck's experience with The Pitch: "Overall, it was really enjoyable, especially the stand-up comedy in between sessions! It was great to see the different engineering disciplines that The Pitch brought together. We had topics ranging from VR for physical therapy, to machine learning for drought mitigation, to social networks for young adults with depression."

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