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Jun 08, 2012   |   by Chrissy Pearson   |   Dartmouth Now

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $5.5 million in new and competing awards during February. Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated. The recipients of new and competing grants in engineering sciences are shown below as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects.

February 2012 Research Awards

Collier, John—Engineering Sciences
Sponsoring agency: DePuy Inc, a Johnson and Johnson Company
Project: “Depuy 2002”

Fossum, Eric and K. Odame—Engineering Sciences
Sponsoring agency: Rambus, Inc.
Project: “Investigation of Advanced Image Sensor Devices, Circuits, and Architectures”
3-year project

Pogue, Brian—Engineering Sciences
Sponsoring agency: Massachusetts General Hospital
Project: “Molecular Response and Imaging-based Combination Strategies for Optimal PDT: Core C”
Project: “Project 4: Image-Guided and Model Based Optical Dosimetry Tools”

Santos, Eugene—Engineering Sciences
Sponsoring agency: University of Texas El Paso
Project: “Intent-Driven Behavioral Modeling of Cross-Border Epidemic Spread”

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