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Introducing Dartmouth's New Faculty Members

Mar 15, 2023   |   Dartmouth News

Two of Dartmouth's 29 new professors, embodying the scholar-teacher model, are in engineering sciences.

A handful of the new faculty members are dedicated to studying machine learning—contributing to Dartmouth's continuing impact in the field of artificial intelligence. An engineer in the cohort installed a dilution refrigerator that was not only the coldest place in the state, but colder than outer space.

"We are excited to have this dynamic group of faculty members now here with us at Dartmouth," says President Philip J. Hanlon '77. "Their work in classrooms, research labs, and other venues is going to have a tremendous impact on students and society for decades to come."

(Photo by Katie Lenhart)

Peter Chin
Professor of Engineering
Education: BS, Duke University | PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"My LISP (Learning, Intelligence + Signal Processing) lab is focused on asking fundamental questions such as 'Can intelligence be learned?' at the intersection of signal processing, machine learning, game theory, extremal graph theory, and computational neuroscience. My students and I are developing geometric and topological methods to learn and understand information in general—signals (neural, images, videos, hyper-spectral, audio, language, RF), graphs (social networks, communication networks), and human interactions via game theory."

(Photo by Katie Lenhart)

Mattias Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Education: BA, Middlebury College | PhD, Princeton University

"I work on quantum computation and quantum sensing with superconducting circuits. When these circuits are cooled down to ultracold temperatures, they can be manipulated at the single photon level, where quantum effects arise. Through careful microwave engineering and optimal control, we develop new ways to manipulate the quantum states of photons in these circuits to enable the next generation of quantum computers."

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