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In Memoriam: B. Stuart Trembly

Dec 01, 2021   |   Dartmouth Engineer

B. Stuart Trembly Th’83, 1953-2021
Inventor brought “a high level of rigor” to the classroom.

B. Stuart Trembly.

Longtime engineering Professor B. Stuart Trembly died unexpectedly on July 18, 2021, after suffering a stroke. Born in New Haven, Conn., he earned a BS in electrical engineering at Yale before coming to Hanover to earn a PhD and join the Dartmouth Engineering faculty as an assistant professor. For nearly four decades, Trembly challenged and engaged his students. “He was an exemplary teacher and scholar who provided a high level of rigor in his courses and was always available for his students,” says Thayer School of Engineering Dean Alexis Abramson.

His research focused on therapeutic heating and properties of the tissue as well as the development of various biomedical techniques to treat disease. He developed a microwave thermokeratoplasty technique to correct nearsightedness and was working to thermally treat lung cancer using minimally invasive ablation techniques. A holder of numerous patents, Trembly founded and co-founded several successful biomedical technology startups.

In 2019, he was honored with the Dartmouth Technology Innovation and Commercialization Award at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum. In 2020, he was elected as a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors, which recognizes scientists who have demonstrated remarkable innovation-producing technologies that have delivered or have the potential to create significant impact on society.

He is survived by his mother, Grevilda, and brother Mark and his family.

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