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DCCNE sponsors symposium on immuno targeting and delivery

Dec 04, 2013

On Tuesday, December 10th, Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Thayer School of Engineering will host a Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium on Immuno Targeting and Delivery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Sponsored by the Dartmouth Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (DCCNE), the symposium includes participants from other major research universities and federally-funded cancer centers. Presentations will represent the different disciplinary perspectives of engineering, immunology, surgery, and medicine.

Karl Griswold
Dartmouth engineering professor Karl Griswold will speak at Tuesday's Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium on Immuno Targeting and Delivery. (Photo by John Sherman appeared in Dartmouth Engineer magazine: "The Power of Small Cures".)

"This symposium brings together researchers at the forefront of discovering ways to use our body's own immune system to enhance the treatment effect of cancer nanotechnology therapeutics," says Brian Pogue, Dartmouth Professor of Engineering and the symposium's organizer. "We are excited by the opportunity to host and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas working toward the ultimate goal of new solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer."

Immunological targeting and delivery mechanisms are a central part of advancing the role of nanotechnology in cancer imaging and therapy. The invited speakers will cover a range of topics in engineering proteins for targeted delivery and packaging. Immune targeting and modulation will also be discussed as it relates to the eventual role of nanotechnology in cancer.

The all-day symposium will feature a noon-time keynote address by Cancer Center Grand Rounds lecturer Rakesh Jain, Professor of Tumor Biology at Harvard Medical School. The event will end with a poster reception showing DCCNE-related work by students and researchers from around Dartmouth.

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