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Dartmouth in the News with Nomination of President Kim to the World Bank

Mar 27, 2012   |   Dartmouth Now

On March 23, President Barack Obama announced that the United States is nominating Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim to be the next President of the World Bank. The announcement has generated a tremendous amount of media attention from outlets around the globe, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and major television networks including ABC and CBS.

Selections from the coverage:

The New York Times referred to President Kim as the “front-runner” to become the next World Bank President in late June. Noting President Kim’s dedication to making a difference in the world, the article, “College President Is Obama’s Pick for World Bank Chief,” includes a comment from Jonathan S. Skinner, the John Sloan Dickey Third Century Chair of Economics at Dartmouth. “Most every college president has to get up and say it’s important to go off and change the world,” Skinner told the The New York Times. “But there aren’t many college presidents who’ve gone out and have changed the world.”

The Washington Post describes the details of President Kim’s nomination, highlighting the remarks made by President Obama during the announcement ceremony at the White House. “It’s time for a development professional to lead the world’s largest development agency,” Obama said. “Jim has truly global experience. He has worked from Asia to Africa to the Americas, from capitals to small villages. His personal story exemplifies the great diversity of our country.”

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, the author refers to President Kim as an excellent leader, writing that “President Obama passed over the usual roster of Wall Street retreads and ex-politicians angling for a sinecure in favor of the medical doctor and Dartmouth president, and he’s an inspired pick.”

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