Dartmouth Engineers Create Alternative Fuel Bus to Transport Ultimate Frisbee Team

April 20, 2005

CONTACT: Catharine Lamm

Promoting both alternative fuel and the sport of ultimate frisbee, the "Big Green Bus" utilizes the simple and plentiful resource of used fry-oil from fast-food restaurants and diners. The team is 15 Dartmouth ultimate frisbee players of national caliber, many of whom are majoring in engineering sciences and/or environmental studies.

The project is co-sponsored by Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering and the Environmental Studies Program. These two grants are funding the engine conversion portion of the project.

The team has also been awarded the Ultimate Players Association's most generous grant: The Innovation Grant for the purpose of promoting ultimate frisbee.

When the group first started talking about a way to transport the Dartmouth Ultimate Frisbee team from Hanover, New Hampshire to Seattle, Washington for the Potlatch Ultimate Tournament in July, the engineering majors on the team mentioned that they could convert a bus to run on french-fry oil.

Being an environmentally conscious group, they immediately jumped at the chance to reach people with a 'green' message. Other team members researched and acquired initial financial support from Dartmouth, and now the engine is nearly complete and an itinerary is being planned.

Still ahead: convert the inside of the bus for the team and acquire equipment and sources for fuel.

How to Support the Project:

To find out more, visit www.thebiggreenbus.org, or email the team at TheBigGreenBus@Dartmouth.edu.