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Dartmouth Engineering Unveils New Website, New Branding

Dec 17, 2020   |   by Office of Communications

Dartmouth Engineering unveiled its new and improved website, aimed at modernizing its online presence with an updated design, architecture, and navigation, as well as increased web content accessibility.

In addition, the website redesign is aimed at better highlighting Dartmouth Engineering’s mission to prepare engineering leaders to tackle the world’s most difficult challenges through education, research, and innovation with human-centered impact.

The redesign effort, led by Thayer’s Office of Communications and Creative Services and interactive branding firm, Flannel, focused largely on the needs of external visitors, including prospective engineering students, prospective faculty and staff, the general public, and news media, who make up the majority of the site’s traffic.

At the same time, Dartmouth Engineering officially rolls out its modified logo, aligning Thayer’s visual identity with institution-wide branding efforts to speak with one voice. The updated branding retains several core elements of the current logo, but adapts its shape and certain iconography to align with College-branded elements and with the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, which unveiled its new logo last Fall.

As part of this effort, “Dartmouth Engineering” will be formalized as one of the School’s official monikers for communications with external audiences. Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth remains the formal name, and common abbreviations such as “Thayer” and “Thayer School” can still be used with familiar audiences such as students, parents, and alumni.

The new logo, as well as branded presentation templates, stationery, and email signatures, is available through Thayer’s Office of Communications and Creative Services’ webpage.

Here's a stroll through Thayer's homepage history:

1997. Thayer School of Engineering launches its first website.
1999 redesign.

2007 redesign with updated branding and visual identity, along with a new tagline: "The Box Does Not Exist."

2011 redesign.

2014 redesign.

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