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Dartmouth, Clemson Get $1.5 Million NSF Health Tech Grant

Oct 29, 2013   |   Dartmouth Now

With a new $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Computer Systems Research Program, researchers from Dartmouth and Clemson University launched the Amulet project to develop computational jewelry to support mobile-health applications.

biometric bracelet

Professor Ryan Halter helped develop a wearable mHealth device with bioimpedance-based identification capabilities.

“The advent of mobile health (mHealth) technology brings great opportunity to improve quality of life, individual and public health and reduce healthcare costs,” says Dartmouth’s David Kotz ’86, the Champion International Professor of Computer Science, the associate dean for the sciences, and principle investigator on the Amulet project. “Although mHealth devices and applications are proliferating, many challenges remain to provide the necessary usability, manageability, interoperability, availability, security, and privacy.”

The researchers are laying the scientific foundation for secure, privacy-preserving wearable technology. In the process, they are developing a general framework for personal wearable computing, centered on health-monitoring and health-management applications...

...Other Dartmouth faculty involved with the project are Ryan Halter, from Thayer School of Engineering; Sarah Lord, from the Geisel School of Medicine; and postdoctoral fellow Andrés Molina-Markham.

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