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Dartmouth Alumni Award Winners Lead the Way

Sep 07, 2012   |   by Andrew Clark   |   Office of Alumni Relations

"Whenever They Call and Need Help, I Say Yes"

For nearly 60 years, the Dartmouth Alumni Award has recognized graduates who have given their all to their alma mater. From serving on reunion committees to interviewing prospective applicants, they volunteer in almost every way imaginable. Alumni are eligible for the award following their 25th class reunion, and are chosen by an Alumni Council committee comprised of past winners. Recipients of the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award (founded in 1990) are eligible for the honor within 15 years of graduating and are also selected by a committee composed of past honorees.

E. Stina Brock ’01, ’02Th was very busy during her undergraduate days, involving herself in soccer, intramural ice hockey, Alpha Xi Delta, and World Affairs Council, among other activities. These days she is the director of product management at Sunverge, where she oversees product development and design for the company. Brock holds an AB and BE in engineering and economics from Dartmouth, and has stayed involved with the College since graduating. She’s been vice president of the Dartmouth Club of Western Washington, a member of the Alumni Council, and on the fifth and 10th reunion committees. She is currently based in San Francisco with her husband, Sean Stauth, who is also a member of the Class of 2001.

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