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ATDynamics Receives California's Highest Environmental Honor

Dec 21, 2011   |   ATDynamics

CleanTech transportation technology company, ATDynamics, Inc., is the recipient of the 2011 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for re-defining the shape of the modern tractor-trailer. Presented by California’s Governor, Edmund G. Brown, the GEELA Award is California’s highest environmental honor recognizing innovative businesses which reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing significant economic benefits.

Jeff Grossmann
Jeff Grossmann Th'06

Founded by CleanTech entrepreneur Andrew Smith T'07, ATDynamics [with Jeff Grossmann Th'06 serving as VP of Engineering] has successfully commercialized the TrailerTail, a four-foot aerodynamic fairing which streamlines airflow at the back of a tractor-trailer to reduce fuel consumption by 6%. ATDynamics has deployed thousands of TrailerTails to trucking fleets in 2011 and is expanding to equip over 50,000 semi-trailers with TrailerTails by 2014. TrailerTail technology has the potential to save the freight industry over $20 billion in diesel fuel costs over the next decade...

...Equipping the US long-haul trailer fleet with TrailerTails will reduce over 50 million metric tons of CO2 emissions over the next decade at a net profit to the industry. Over 2 million semi-trailers circulate on US highways on a daily basis. Each installed TrailerTail delivers the equivalent annual fuel and emission savings of replacing one standard combustion engine vehicle with an electric vehicle at 1/15th the capital cost. An industry-wide retrofit program would reduce foreign oil imports and create 10,000 new domestic engineering, manufacturing, and installation jobs.

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