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Harold Edward Cable Makerspace

Harold Edward Cable Makerspace

The Harold Edward Cable Makerspace is a place where Dartmouth's artists, designers, makers, programmers, fabricators, and engineers can gather to experiment, design, build, and create together.

The Cable Makerspace, operated jointly with Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, is open to all members of the Dartmouth community and provides students, faculty, and staff access to equipment, resources, and training to foster creativity, new discoveries, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Orientation & Access

The Cable Makerspace is located on the ground floor of the Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center and is open and available to all Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff. The space is staffed by a program manager and trained student teaching assistants who are available to answer questions, assist with equipment, and provide basic safety training.

Required Training

All new users are required to complete an online power hand tool training and attend a safety orientation.

Complete the Power Hand Tool Safety Training

Register for a Safety & Orientation Training

Users must also complete additional training before using the 3D printer or laser cutter.

Register for a 3D Printer Training

Register for a Laser Cutter Training

For questions, please email harold.edward.cable.makerspace@dartmouth.edu.

Tools & Materials

The Cable Makerspace provides users access to a variety of tools and materials free-of-charge, as long as users follow safety guidelines and use supplies in reasonable quantities. Available tools and machines include:

  • Laser cutter: Cuts plywood and acrylic, as well as engraving glass and aluminum.
  • Prusa MK3S+ 3D printers: Prints plastic parts quickly and easily
  • Othermill mini CNC: Useful for machining prototype PCBs and other small parts.
  • Soldering irons with fume extractor: Solders basic electronics components,
  • Consumer-grade sewing machines
  • Hand tools (e.g., saws, knives, wrenches, wide range of driver bits, etc.)
  • CAD workstations with SolidWorks, Adobe Suite, Prusa Slicer, and other design software.


Basic materials are available free-of-charge for creative projects and learning activities. Higher-cost materials or advanced components (e.g., Arduinos, expensive fasteners, specialty fabrics, etc.) are not stocked regularly in the Makerspace, but can be purchased individually.

Users may reach out to a teaching assistant or the program manager if they have an idea for materials or components that would be helpful to stock in the Makerspace.

Location & Hours


Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center
Suite 003
15 Thayer Drive
Hanover, NH 03755


Regular Term Hours
10:00AM–7:00PM ET

Off-Term Hours (interim, spring break, and between terms)
10:00AM–3:00PM ET


Please stop by or email harold.edward.cable.makerspace@dartmouth.edu.

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