MD-MEng Joint Degree Program

Dartmouth's Doctor of Medicine (MD)-Master of Engineering (MEng) is offered jointly by Geisel School of Medicine and Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. The combined degree program is for students intending to pursue clinical practice who are seeking to acquire skills and specialized knowledge within a specific area of engineering.

The MEng degree can be taken in one of six engineering tracks and does not have a thesis requirement. The degree will be completed full-time for nine months. Students are not on leave of absence from the MD program while completing the MEng degree and have full access to all MD program resources and services during their MEng studies.

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Flexible & Streamlined

The MEng program offers students the flexibility to customize their degree according to their unique interests through six specialized tracks. In just nine months, students gain career-enhancing skills in applied mathematics, engineering, and project leadership. Particularly for medical students, the intersection of biomedical engineering and medicine represents a rapidly expanding field.


MD-MEng candidates must be in good standing to apply to and earn admission to Dartmouth Engineering. MD students from Geisel may apply to Dartmouth Engineering in the first, second, or third year of medical school and carry out their MEng studies in the fourth year of study, completing the MD program in their fifth year of matriculation at Geisel.

For the MEng program, applicants with an accredited bachelor's level degree in engineering or with bachelor's level degrees in scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, and computer sciences will be considered.

The background engineering knowledge and skills of applicants without an accredited bachelor's level engineering degree will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the admissions committee. Applicants who do not hold accredited engineering degrees may be required to take the necessary prerequisite courses in addition to the requirements of the MEng degree.

Typical Academic Sequence

The schedule provides nine months to complete the MEng degree, beginning in September, annually. This preserves time in July and August, following the third year in the MD program, to complete important Geisel elective activities in preparation for residency applications.

The overview of a typical academic schedule for a student completing the MD and MEng degrees is as follows:

  • Years 1 and 2: Geisel Phase 1 curriculum
  • Year 3: Geisel (through August) Phase 2 and early Phase 3 curriculum
  • Year 4: Thayer (September-June)
  • Year 5: Geisel (July-June) Phase 3 curriculum and application to residency training

Courses & Requirements

The program consists of nine courses in one of the six MEng areas of study, of which five should be from the list of core courses. The remaining four electives can consist of any graduate-level engineering or science courses at Dartmouth. For students with no engineering background, additional courses may be required.

Research & Design Electives

The MEng program provides unique pathways for students to engage in elective coursework focusing on either research or product design. Students can apply for a one-course research project aligned with Dartmouth Engineering's ongoing research initiatives, collaborating closely with a faculty mentor. Additionally, for students seeking to delve into product design, elective options are available to gain hands-on experience across the product life cycle, including market research, product development, design research, and prototyping.

Program Cost & Financial Aid

Dartmouth Engineering tuition and expenses follow the cost breakdown for the standard MEng program. Need-based financial aid is available to all eligible full-time MEng students at up to 40% of tuition.

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Start Your Application

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students completing both the MD and MEng degrees will enter the MEng program in the Fall term. Accordingly, students should begin the application process in the Fall/Winter of the third year in the MD program, for entry into the MEng program the following September (Fall term).

How to Apply

MD-MEng candidates will receive an expedited admissions process: letters of recommendation, test scores, and the application fee will all be waived as part of the application process. A "Letter of Good Academic Standing" from the associate dean for student life will be required as part of the application packet. Students should apply with their email address.

Only complete applications will be considered for admission.

A complete application for the MD-MEng program includes:

  • the online application application to the MEng program
  • the essay
  • a transcript from each college and/or university attended
  • a "Letter of Good Academic Standing" from the associate dean for student life


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