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Thayer Fitness Challenge



3:30pm - 4:30pm ET

GlycoFi Atrium, MacLean ESC

Join Thayer's 7th annual Fitness Challenge! Student, staff, and faculty teams will compete in four events to win an engraving on the (highly-coveted) Intercontinental Fitness Challenge Belt. Healthy snacks and SWAG for all participants!

Minimum team size = 4 members.

Register by Fri, May 27th


  1. 1 mile run or 1/2 mile walk
  2. warrior III balance pose
  3. flutter kicks
  4. push ups

Additional prizes for:

  • Best costumes/uniforms
  • Best team name
  • Largest team age range
  • Largest team height range
  • Best groupies


For more information, contact Amy Keeler at