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Engineering-Physics Space Plasma Seminar



4:15pm - 5:15pm ET


Email Tressena Manning for Zoom link & password.

"Numerical Plasma Physics — Why, how and what am I missing?"

We have a fairly good and complete mathematical model of plasma physics for more than 80 years now. Nevertheless there are still many phenomena in plasma physics that are not fully understood. To make progress most research nowadays relies on computer simulations. But there is no single simulation method that is clearly the best in all cases.

This talk will give an overview over the commonly (and not so commonly) used methods that have been developed and will discuss their upsides and limitations. I will point out connection between different simulation methods and gaps in the landscape of possible approaches.

About the Speaker(s)

Patrick Kilian
Space Science Inst.


For more information, contact Tressena Manning at tressena.a.manning@dartmouth.edu or +1 (603) 646- 2854.