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Mini-Symposium: Clean Energy Infrastructure is Human Infrastructure



12:00pm - 1:15pm ET


Congress is currently negotiating President Biden's dual mutli-trillion dollar infrastructure proposals — the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan. These proposals would invest massive sums of money in what is traditionally regarded as infrastructure — roads and bridges, water systems, the electric grid and transmission networks. They also have an explicit focus on climate resilience and addressing the racial inequities that were caused or exacerbated by past infrastructure projects (highways dividing minority neighbors, highly polluting energy generation plants being sited near Black and brown communities, etc.) While debate around the proposals is highly partisan, with arguments predictably focusing on the price tag, another point of contention is the ways in which the proposals link jobs, training, wages, and education and other aspects of so-called 'human infrastructure' to more traditional conceptions of infrastructure.

What are the costs and benefits of this approach? Join the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative as moderators Aimee Barnes ’04 and Dan Reicher ’78 and a panel of experts discuss the Biden infrastructure plan — and in particular its climate and clean energy elements — from economic, policy, and equity angles.

Registration link and list of panelists will be posted here.


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