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Engineering-Physics Space Plasma Seminar



4:00pm - 5:00pm ET


Zoom: Email for link and password

"Exploring Magnetic Reconnection Process at Different Length Scales: Observations, simulations, and theory"

Abstract: Recent discovery of electron-only reconnection has prompted numerous studies of the small-scale reconnection phenomenon in various regions of the Earth’s magnetosphere. However, the origin and the criteria that governs the physics of electron-only reconnection is still not well understood. I present an overview of recent numerical, observational, and theoretical findings on the electron-only magnetic reconnection process in 2D and 3D settings. In 3D, we find that the finite length X-line configuration further enhances the reconnection rate due the magnetic tension force activated in the out-of-plane direction of the usual reconnection plane. A brief discussion of recent observations of large-scale reconnection in PSP and preliminary comparative simulation analysis will be presented as well.

About the Speaker(s)

Prayash Sharma Pyakurel
UC Berkeley


For more information, contact Tressena Manning at tressena.a.manning@dartmouth.edu or +1 (603) 646-2854.