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Engineering-Physics Space Plasma Seminar



4:00pm - 5:00pm ET


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The most dynamic electromagnetic energy and momentum exchange processes between the upper atmosphere and the magnetosphere take place in the polar ionosphere. Accurate specification of the constantly changing conditions of high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics is of paramount interest to the geospace science community.

Inspired by advances in high-latitude geospace observing capabilities, the goal of our NSF EarthCube project “Assimilative Mapping of Geospace Observations (AMGeO)” has been to develop and deploy an open-source Python software and associated web applications that are interoperable with established geospace community data resources such as SuperDARN, SuperMAG and AMPERE. Using the AMGeO, we can unravel how localized transient features of high-latitude ionospheric electrodynamics are embedded in large-scale convection and aligned current patterns. This seminar presents a case study for multiple coronal mass ejection interaction events on September 7-8 2017 to highlight the AMGeO’s capabilities, along with recent development efforts in multiresolution modeling of regional small-scale electric field variability using SuperDARN data.

About the Speaker(s)

Tomoko Matsuo
Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department, University of Colorado Boulder


For more information, contact Simon Shepherd at simon.g.shepherd@dartmouth.edu.