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Climate Change in Africa



12:00pm - 1:00pm ET


Africa’s expected growth will be underpinned by a massive increase in the continent’s energy usage. But, the current spate of climate adaptation strategies threatens the energy supply required to power that growth. For Africa to fulfill its ambition as the next global market and mitigate the dire consequences of climate change, it will need more energy, not less.

Join the Tuck Africa Club, The Irving Institute and Revers Center for Energy as we discuss the smart energy policy that Africa needs to grow and fight climate change in the second edition of the Made in Africa speaker series. RSVP here

About the Speaker(s)

Rose Mutiso '08 Th'08
CEO/Research Director, Mawazo Institute/Energy for Growth Hub

Rose M. Mutiso works with a global network of experts finding solutions for energy deficits across Africa and Asia. She is also helping African women become scholars and thought leaders.


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