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At Thayer: A Gathering



12:00pm - 1:00pm ET

Rett's Room / Zoom

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Do you have ideas on how we can create a mentally healthier, support-centric workplace? Join the DEI Mental Health Working Group and JED Foundation Working Group Representatives to help shape the future of mental health at Thayer.


  • Culture. What practices can be introduced to create safer, more open communication channels at Thayer? How can we create more comfortable spaces to share ideas and concerns?
  • Work-Life Balance. What do you want to see more of in terms of promoting a mentally healthier, support-centric workplace?
  • Social Connection. In what ways have you found fun and community in your life? How might we build upon them at Thayer to make it a more joyful and rewarding place to learn and work?

Lunch provided for in-person attendees.


"At Thayer" is a series of gatherings for leaders and community members across Thayer. With topics including graduate student experiences, work-life balance, providing more creative outlets, we take on dfferent challenges and possibilities at Thayer in regard to diversity, inclusion, culture, and belonging.


For more information, contact Petra Bonfert-Taylor at petra.bonfert-taylor@dartmouth.edu.