Research Administration

Department Research Administrators (DRAs) provide budget development and comprehensive support for all administrative requirements related to proposal submission to both federal and non-federal sponsors. DRAs also provide award management via financial analysis, reporting and spending projections for faculty and principal investigators (PIs).

Our office fosters a climate of research compliance through monthly audits of all transactions on both research and discretionary accounts as well as management of labor verification reports per the policies of the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Contact your DRA with any questions.

General Research Services

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Award Management

  • Federal terms and conditions
  • Sponsor terms and conditions
  • Financial analysis
  • Projections


Labor Verification

  • Labor schedules for PI and research staff compensation
  • Graduate student stipends

Proposal Preparation

  • Budget development
  • Proposal administrative requirements
  • Sponsor guidelines for submission
  • Internal deadlines for OSP review
    • Seven business days prior to sponsor deadline: OSP Review of abstract/SOW, budget, budget justification, subcontract financial package, and compliance questions
    • Two business days prior to sponsor deadline: Final proposal due

Clinical Research Services

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Protocol & Consent

  • Drafting
  • Submission to IRBs
    • Dartmouth College Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS)
    • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health (D-HH)

Protocol Registration in D-HH Systems

  • OnCore – clinical trial management system
  • eReg – electronic regulatory management system for clinical studies

Other Clinical Team Services

  • Assist with initial training of clinical team on study protocol; gather training records and CVs.
  • Set up of applicable studies on – federal website.
  • Work with D-HH Clinical Trials Office (CTO) to open study to enrollment.


Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

Proposal preparation

Whistleblower Policy
Reporting of suspected violations and protection of reporting persons


Erica Alston
Senior Research Administrator

+1 (603) 646-9071

Tracy E. Ballou
Director of Research Administration

+1 (603) 646-0616

Angela Beaupre
Senior Research Administrator II

+1 (603) 646-9074

Kelly Blue
Junior Financial & Research Analyst

+1 (603) 646-2633

Christy Collins
Research Proposal Assistant

+1 (603) 646-8794

Cathleen Duffy
Senior Research Administrator

+1 (603) 646-9956

Meredith Feuerbach
Research Administrator II

+1 (603) 646-9004

Sally Mansur
Clinical Research Manager

+1 (603) 650-1913

Barbara Muhitch
Senior Research Administrator
+1 (603)-646-9087

Kathy Phipps
Clinical Research Manager

+1 (603) 646-5793