ENGS 85: Hybrid Powertrain System Design (ENGS 85.04)


Offered all terms


ENGS 21 (Introduction to Engineering), ENGS 22 (Systems) or ENGS 25 (Thermodynamics) or ENGS 34 (Fluid Mechanics) or permission of instructor

Instructor permission required.

The course involves a term-long project designing components and subsystems for a hybrid powertrain system. With information sessions and interactive brainstorming meetings, the students will gain practical understanding of the iterative design process, including prototyping and testing. In the second part of the course, this knowledge will be sequentially applied to design components of three specific subsystems of the powertrain, viz. the engine power block, the transmission system, and the engine management system. The design process will incorporate constraints such as cost, manufacturability, and compatibility with other system components (mechanical, electrical, thermal, and fluid interactions).