ENGS 51: Dynamic Modeling of Technological, Social, and Resource Systems


Not offered 2017-2018





Lumped element dynamic system modeling can be applied to a broad range of systems well beyond the physical systems emphasized in ENGS 22. This course considers examples in technological, social, and resource systems. A mix of interactive lectures, case studies, and projects is used to build skills in conceptualization, formulation, parameter estimation, and analysis for systems with rich feedback structure. The course will examine capabilities and limitations of the resulting models for understanding and analyzing the dynamic interplay among technology, society, and resource systems. For example, technology impacts society in areas such as energy, communication, healthcare, food production, and environmental services. Society, in turn, impacts technology via processes such as consumer demand, public policy, and economic development. Natural, environmental, and human resources support and are impacted by both technology and society. Not open to students who have taken ENGS 18.