Academic Calendar

Summer 2015 Term

June 24
Summer term check-in

June 25
Summer term classes begin

June 27
Special day of classes from 8:00am-12:50pm. Courses regularly held at the 10-sequence meet at 8:00am; the 11-sequence meet at 9:15am; the 12-sequence meet at 10:30am; and the 2-sequence meet at 11:45am. Courses regularly held in other time sequences do not meet.

July 6
Final day for delayed check-in

August 26
Summer term classes end; pre-examination break begins

August 29 - September 1
Summer term examinations

Fall 2015 Term

There are two Saturday classes scheduled:

• September 26
   - For classes that meet at the 10A, 2A and 3A/3B periods.
• October 24
   - For classes that meet at the 9L, 10, 11, 12 and 2 periods.

September 14 & 15, Monday & Tuesday
Orientation for New Students

September 15, Tuesday
Fall Term Check-In

September 16, Wednesday
Fall Term Classes Begin

September 16-22, Wednesday-Tuesday
Regular period for changing courses - No approval needed.

September 16, Wednesday
Community Lunch Gathering from 12 noon to 2 p.m. on Tuck Mall (Class of 1953 Commons in case of rain)

September 23, Wednesday
Final day to request ENGG 192 approval for fall term.

September 23-29, Wednesday-Tuesday
Late changes in courses - Approval from Instructor required.

September 25, Friday
Final day for delayed check-in (4:30PM) End of Grace Period

September 26, Saturday
Special Day of Classes; courses meeting at the 9 period, 8:00-9:05, 10A period 9:15-11:05, 2A period 11:15-1:05, 3A/3B periods 1:15-3:05

October 10-11, Saturday-Sunday
Homecoming Weekend

October 24, Saturday
Special Day of Classes; courses meeting at the 10 period, 8:00-9:05, 11 period 9:15-10:20, 12 period 10:30-11:35, 2 period 11:45-12:50

October 28-November 5, Wednesday-Thursday
Winter Term Course Election (UG’s only)

October 28, Wednesday
Final day for course withdrawals – Instructor permission required

November 10, Tuesday
Last day in term for holding a quiz or an hour examination

November 13, Friday
Winter Term Add/Drop Period Begins (UG and Thayer students)

November 17, Tuesday
Fall Classes End

November 18-19, Wednesday-Thursday
Pre-Examination Break

November 20-25, Friday-Wednesday
Final Examination Period

December 11, Friday
Grade available on the web.