B.E. Degree Requirements


Completion of the B.E. program after the A.B. degree generally requires between 1 and 3 terms at Thayer School, depending on the courses taken during the first 4 years. Advanced standing on entry to Dartmouth may shorten the overall time required; some students complete both the A.B. and B.E. in 4 years.

Course of Study

B.E. students take required courses and electives in mathematics, basic science, engineering sciences, and engineering design.

The B.E. degree requires a minimum of 9 courses beyond the requirements for the A.B. degree. At least 6 courses must have significant engineering design content (see the B.E. Planning Guide (PDF) for details).

Students work on a project Mathematics and Natural Science (9 courses)

Engineering Common Core (3.5 courses)

Engineering Distributive Core (choose 2 courses)

Engineering Gateway (choose 2 courses from 2 different disciplines; students who modify the engineering sciences major with science, and dual-degree students with science majors, may take their gateway courses in the same discipline)

Engineering Electives (choose 6 courses)

Capstone Engineering Design (2 courses)

Detailed information about specific courses that satisfy accreditation and Thayer School requirements is in the B.E. Planning Guide (PDF), which is for planning purposes only. You will need to go to Banner Student to complete the B.E. program plan. If you have questions, please see the Registrar in MacLean 103.

NOTE: The only B.E. courses that can be taken under the Non-Recording Option are MATH 3, 8, 13; PHYS 13, and CHEM 5.