Microfabrication Supplies and Equipment Vendors

Silicon Sources:
  • VWR
  • SciQuest vendor search service
  • The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (free membership and searching).
  • SEMI members
  • Semiconductor Fab suppliers
  • Servicor modular cleanrooms
  • Redwood Microsystems Pressure Regulators, Mass Flow Controllers
  • Omegadyne Pressure Transducers
  • Millipore microelectronic products
  • Materials Information abstracts
  • TMI Target Materials Inc.
  • Fisher Scientific chemicals and lab supplies.
  • Penwell Publishing: Solid State Technology, Cleanrooms, and Microlithography World magazines.
  • Scientific Supplies Catalog (mass spectrometry, gas cromatography, thermal desorption, cryo trap, ...)
  • Newport Corporation (optics).

    LeCroy Oscilloscopes

  • Probe and StructureEM supplies