Microfabrication Processing Service Links

  • MEMSguide listings (a more extensive and up to date listing than kept here)
  • MEMS-Net list of services
  • Cronos-JDS (MCNC spinoff) MEMS foundary services: MUMPS multi-user die process, TechNet wafer processes
  • Integrated Sensing Systems (ISS) MEMS processing services.
  • Applied Microengineering Ltd. silicon processing including wafer bonding and SIMOX, wet/dry etching, PVD, CVD, LPCVD.
  • ELFO Low cost LIGA
  • Deschutes Corporation Focused Ion Beam Offer (2/98) for patterned ion milling (15-500nm Ga beam).
  • GEMAC Bulk Micromachining