VIDEO: Trak 1630 SLX - Introduction

Introduction to Trak 1630 SLX lathe


  • Main Power – 110V power – power to control
  • Check system alert

    • Max spindle rpm input required  (1000 rpm is reasonable)

      • Dialog box appears – this is a “conversational control”
      • Abs Set and Inc Set are input keys (select one of units in rpm and other for units in sfm)

Control Description

  • DRO (Digital Read Out) – makes this a manual machine – operated with hand wheels and jog box
  • Program – Lets you enter machining routines and tool path info
  • Program Edit – Let’s you add to or alter existing program
  • Setup – prompt you to select tool types (ex. turn, thread, cut-off)
  • Program in/out – to access the network or your flash drive
  • Back of control – USB for mouse, keyboard, flash drive

Initial set-up takes place in DRO Mode

  • Hand Wheel is engaged to position your tool in X and Z axes
  • Has a Fine and Coarse setting selectable from the control
  • Place your turn/face tool in the tool post (check height) and position it to clean a small amount from the face of the part – set Z zero here (press Z – 0 - Abs Set) before moving the tool
  • Turn skim cut off the material OD – measure the part – enter X value before moving the tool

Additional Operating Modes

  • Do One
  • Go To

Return Home – Ready to Return Home, close the door or you will get an alert informing you that there is no home location defined

To define home location:

  1. Choose Setup mode
  2. Choose Reference
  3. Enter X and Z home values (ex. X4. Z4.)

Program Mode – This is an important and powerful function - so let’s program a part!

  1. Name of File – enter numerical value, or press the Help button for keypad access
  2. Give it a name: ex. “Flywheel_KB”
  • Position Event – Rapid position to a point
  • Drill Event – (use only when drill is mounted on the tool post) Rapid position – then feed at controlled rate to a specified depth and rapid retract
  • Bore Function – for ID (Internal Diameter) work
  • Turn Event – for facing or a single pass along the Z axis
  • Arc Event – for generating a arc path for user selected radius connecting 2 points
  • Cycle Event – Creates a contoured profile – enter points to connect the dots - like etch-a-sketch

We are going to use Cycle Event to program our part.

First it asks – Where to begin?

  • We begin describing our contour at absolute zero (X0, Z0)

Next – it asks how deep do we want to make each cut?

  • Enter “.05”

It asks us to select the axis along which the cut is made

  • We want to cut along the Z axis, so select “Z – Abs Set”

Select spindle speed – can use rpm units or sfm – we’ll use rpm so

  • Enter “1000 Inc Set”

Select feed rate in either ipm or thousandths per rev

  • Enter 6 ipm

Next identify the tool we’re going to use – in this case the Turn/Face Tool #1

  • Enter “1 Abs set”

Load the tool

Do you want a finish cut at the end?

  • Enter “.005”
  • Enter 1200 rpm
  • Enter 5 ipm

Now we are ready to define the contour

  • Select  Cycle Turn event

You can always press the “Look” key to see the part contour drawing