VIDEO: Mill Area Cleaning and Daily Maintenance

The purpose of the machine shop clean-up and maintenance activities is to keep all parts of the machine shop clean, organized, presentable and accessible at all times.

TA’s are to perform a thorough and detailed cleaning at the times assigned on the TA’s daily scheduled. Workstation upkeep is expected throughout the rest of the shift if you are assigned to the mill.

1) Working Area

  • There are 6 mills in that require maintaining in total. 2 or 3 TA’s will be assigned to clean and maintain the mills at any one time. This grouping will help distribute the work load and allow TA’s to spend more time cleaning each mill. Working in groups provides a chance for inexperienced TA to learn cleaning and maintenance practices from more experienced ones. In addition, working in groups creates camaraderie which makes the work go faster.
  • The list of cleaning and maintenance activities is posted on the side of each bed mill. TA’s are to perform the tasks in the order they appear in, starting with cleaning activities and then proceed to tool maintenance.
  • The cleaning activities start with removing any leftover stock material and returning it to the stock area. Leftover stock material in the mill area includes wood, plastics and metals namely: aluminum, steel, brass, copper and other metals. All useful stock should be returned to the stock bins in the stock area and should be separated according to the type of metals as well as rectangular or round stock. Machined stock that can no longer be used should be put in the recycling containers located in the bottom shelf of the long stock shelving
  • Remove all tools left inside mill or on top of the mill cabinet.
  • Wipe all tools and tool holders with a paper towel before storing them.
  • If the tool is belonging to the mill cabinet, for example,…, return the tool to the correct position.
  • If the tool does not belong to the mill, return it to the correction storage place. For example, the toolcrib.
  • Remove tools from spindle and place in proper storage location. For example, the drill should be return to the correct slot.
  • The tools should be cleaned before storage. Be careful not to cut yourself when you are cleaning the drill, they are pretty sharp.

2) Clean the Chips

  • Remove the chip deposits inside the bed of the mill using dustbin and brush. Deposit the chips into the chip bin.
  • Carry the chip bins to the chip disposal container. The chip disposal container is located behind the elevator in the loading dock.
  • Use the compressed air to clean up the chip as needed.
  • Clean dirty surfaces on mill using paper towel and simple green.
  • After the cleaning, there should be no chips or dirty surfaces in the entire mill working station.
  • Clean up water spills or coolant leaks using clean-up equipment located in the custodial closet.

3) Daily Tool Maintenance

  • Check to see whether there is enough coolant.
  • Make sure that all mill work station tools are properly placed in their designed drawer or rack for storage.
  • If any tool is missing, find and return it to the correct place.
  • Performance maintenance on all tools in drawers. For example, replace dead batteries on digital calipers and re-calibrate micrometers as needed.
  • Make sure that all the cutting tools are in good conditions.
  • If the end mills and drills’ tips are dull or warn off, replace these tools with replacement cutting tools from the extra mill tools cabinet located near mill 6.

We are done the introduction to the cleaning and maintenance tutorials for the milling machine. If you have any questions, please ask the instructors or more experienced TAs.