Laser Safety

  1. Students cannot run this machine until they have completed the entire training set and must be signed off by one of the professional staff.
  2. Once the Student has been signed off, his/her name will be added to the approved list and they will be able to log on to computer that controls laser.
  3. By arrangement with staff a student may be allowed to work with an approved person who will log on for them. The person logging on must remain at the machine during operation and takes responsibility that all procedures are followed.
  4. Only materials on the list of acceptable materials will be cut or etched. If a material is not on the list it is the responsibility of the student to obtain the MSDS for the material and present it to one of the professional staff for review and possible addition to the list. The decision of staff is final. This rule is crucial for the safety of all as well as the proper function of the machine.
  5. The machine may not be left unattended during operation.
  6. Student operators must return the machine to its original condition when they finish.
  7. Student users must clean up after themselves.
  • Work space inside machine as well as bench and floor around machine clean, scraps disposed properly.
  • Check and clean as needed lens and mirrors.