ShopBot PRSalpha Sheet Router

Introduction Video


  • Fast, closed-loop Vexta alphaStep motors
  • Reliable rack-and-pinion power transmission
  • Impressive cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute
  • Rapid transit speeds of 1,800 inches per minute.
  • Step resolution of .0004”.
  • Positional accuracy of +/- .002”.
  • Sealed Industrial Control Box.
  • Emergency Stop disconnect switch
  • Z-zero Touch-Off Plate and XY Proximity Switches.
  • Dust Skirt ready to onnect to your dust collector.
  • Advanced ShopBot Control System software
  • User-friendly ShopBot PartWorks Software Suite

Getting Started

Aspire software:

  1. Create designs using the aspire modeling software by Vetric or any other design software like SOLIDWORKS.
  2. If the design was made in solidworks, import it into Aspire as a DXF.
  3. Create a tool path for shopbot machining in Aspire.
  4. Tutorials on how to use Aspire can be found here.