Job Announcements in Microengineering and related areas

  1. MEMS PostDoc in micro- and meso-scale manipulation including design, fabrication, control, and testing of MEMS devices.
  2. Engineering Faculty Positions at Dartmouth in MEMS
  3. Dartmouth Physics Faculty Position in optical studies of nanostructures.
  4. Berkeley Post-Doc Thermomechanical and Optical MEMS.
  5. Director, Institute for Micromanufacturing (IfM) Louisiana Tech University
  6. Univ. of Colorado-Boulder MEMS Faculty Position
  7. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Optical MEMS Engineer and Micro-fluidic systems Post-Doc.
  8. Analog Devices, Inc. CAD Software Engineer, MEMS CAD Engineer, and Senior CAD Engineer employment opportunities at Analog Devices, Inc.
  9. Employment Opportunity at JPL: LIGA and thick film lithography Engineer/Scientist employment opportunity in the Microdevices Laboratory at JPL in Pasadena, California.
  10. Postdoctoral Position at UC Santa Barbara funded by a four year grant, to design and fabricate small cantilevers for Atomic Force Microscopy at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Application deadline: 30-Sep-1996.
  11. Post-doc Position at the Institute of Microtechnology Mainz GmbH (IMM) in microtechnology and the development of microfabricated sensors for scanning probe microscopy.
  12. Redwood Microsystems assembly technician with demonstrated expetise in silicon-based MEMS package development and device assembly.
  13. Redwood Microsystems MEMS process engineer, process technician, and test technician.
  14. IntelliSense Corporation has immediate openings for Process Engineer I and Application Engineer positions.
  15. ASTEX Applied Science and Technology Inc, Woburn Ma (microwave plasma equipment)
  16. Post-Doc Position in Japan National Research Laboratory of Metrology, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology will offer a post-doctoral position in MEMS for 1 Oct 95 through 31 Mar 97
  17. The UC Berkeley Microfabrication Laboratory is looking for a process supervisor to provide process-engineering support for developing and monitoring circuit-process moduls, upgrading and characterizing processess, etc
  18. Applications are solicited for a MEMS postdoctoral research position at Caltech to focus upon the development of micron- to nanometer-scale bioinstrumentation, and its application to targeted biological investigations. A Ph.D. in the sciences or engineering is required.
  19. Employment Opportunities at ISSYS A few job openings at different levels (Ph.D., MS., BS., and technician) in the fields of MEMS and sensors are available at Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS) Incorporated, a small company located in Ann Arbor Michigan.
  20. Employment Opportunity at MCNC in MEMS processing and design for TechNet
  21. AIP American Institute of Physics Jobs.