WEEK 6: Metal Deposition (Nov 14, 1995)

A. Aluminum Metal Deposition
1. Used Varian Electron Beam Evaporator, in Wilder Room 5, with an Electron Beam Power Supply ES-6
2. Goal to deposit uniform 0.5 to 1 micron film of Aluminum on two wafers
3. Chamber was pre-pumped to a vacuum hours before starting
4. Chamber filled with air, 2 wafers loaded in it
5. Reduced pressure down to 6E-6 Torr (with mechanical pump and then diffusion pump)
6. Wafers' temperature set at 205 C
7. Used 50% power to generate electron beam which evaporated an aluminum source (2.7 g/cm^3)
8. Deposited Al onto wafers at a rate of 5 Angstroms/sec (current = 280 mA)
9. According to the quartz crystal sensor, a total of 1.15 microns of Aluminum was deposited onto the wafers (although probably LESS was actually deposited since this sensor should be a little off)