WEEK 5: Implant Activation; Grow Isolation Oxide; Photomask #3: Contact definition (Nov 7, 1995)

A. Implant Activation/Drive-in
1. RCA Rinse
2. With Argon flow at 10 SCFH, flush Thermco Ana-Lock Controllers Furnace for 10 minutes
3. Heat furnace up to 1000 C (20-30 min to warmup), reduce Argon flow to 2 SCFH
4. Anneal wafers for 1 hour (1000C, Argon 2 SCFH)
5. Turn bubbler switch on 17 minutes before the end of 1 hour anneal (note gas flow bypassed and still DRY!!!)

B. Grow Isolation Oxide (? microns thick): 30 min Wet Oxidation
1. Switch Argon gas flow through bubbler and set Argon flow to 6-8 SCFH (WET oxidation begins)
2. 8 minutes later, turn Argon flow down to 2 SCFH
3. 22 minutes later, switch to DRY Argon, and turn Argon flow up to 9-10 SCFH; turn furnace down to 400 C (Oxidation DONE)
4. 13 minutes later turn Argon flow down to 1

C. Remove Wafers from Furnace
1. 2 hours later (after step B, 4), slowly slide wafers out towards door over a 2 minute time period
2. Let wafers sit at edge of furnace with cap off for 5 minutes
3. Finally, remove the wafers from the furnace

D. Photomask #3: Contact Definition (Wed Group)