Week 4c: N-Type Ion Implantation (Oct 30, 1995)

A. Professor Christopher Levey sent nine wafers to the following organization:

Ion Implant Services
1050 Kifer Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
408/732-5555; 800/321-4667

B. The wafers sent out were: <100> p-type Si, with holes etched 1 micron field oxide, 1 micron deposited poly features. There was no photoresist, and hence no beam current limit.

C. The desired implant was as follows:

Energy: 100keV
Species: Phosphorus
Dose: 1 x 10^15 cm-2 .

D. The wafers were sent out/back by overnight mail (FEDEX)
E. The PO# for this shipment was P216581.
F. FLOOPS simulation of the implant