Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M.)

The Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M.) program is a professional degree program. M.E.M. engineering and management courses are taught by faculty from Thayer School and Tuck School of Business. The combination of small classes and a high faculty-to-student ratio fosters class spirit and creates a stimulating intellectual environment.

Prospective Students:
Register for an online M.E.M. information session on
Tues, Nov. 4, 4pm EST

The mission of Thayer School's M.E.M. program is to develop managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology.

Engineers holding a Thayer School M.E.M. degree can:

Graduates of the program are engineers who understand the business of technology.

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See Photos of the M.E.M. Program

Professor Borsuk and M.E.M. students
Professor Mark Borsuk meets with M.E.M. students

View the M.E.M. set on Flickr to see more photos of the program.

M.E.M. Programs Consortium

Thayer School is a member of the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC). The MEMPC is a small group of highly recognized professional graduate engineering management programs (including Duke, Northwestern, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, and University of Southern California) that are working to raise awareness of the M.E.M. Find out more at the MEMPC website.