Offering an ENGG 390 Project

The support of industry professionals, especially through project sponsorship, greatly enhances the educational experience for M.E.M. students. If you are interested in sponsoring an M.E.M. internship/project, please contact the program director:

Typical process for offering a project/internship:

  • Correspond with the M.E.M. Program Office to make sure your internship/project seems suitable for ENGG 390.
  • Obtain details on accessing the M.E.M. Program's online internship resume book, which contains information on students seeking M.E.M. internships/projects. There you will find each student's resume, areas of interest, location preference, expected graduation date, and statement of desired internship/project topic.
  • Proactively contact any students you identify from the online resume book who would be a good fit for your project.
  • Email one of the directors a short description of your project, which will be posted for M.E.M. students.
  • Review resumes and cover letters of students interested in your internship/project (which will be collected and sent to you).
  • Interview students (either at Dartmouth, at your location, or by phone).
  • Extend an offer to the student who would be the best fit for your internship/project.