Important Dates For ENGG 390

For Summer 2016 Projects:

  • May, 2017 (Next-to-last week of classes): Arrange a "10 minute" pre-proposal meeting with the instructor. Bring a one-page description which defines your project, describes your sponsor and identifies your faculty advisor.

Start Internship

  • Within two weeks of the start of the internship: Email written proposal to the instructor.
    • Tentative Date: June 16th
  • On dates specified in your project timeline: Email project updates to the instructor.
    • Tentative Dates: July 15th & August 15th

Complete Internship

  • Fall 2017 (September 4, 8:00am): Submit final written report, executive summary, and abstract (all electronic files).
  • Orientation week and first week of classes: Attend practice presentation sessions.
  • First day of fall classes (September 11, 5:00pm): Submit final written report (three bound hardcopies).
  • Fall 2017 (September 11-22): Deliver oral presentation.