ENGS 23: Distributed Systems and Fields


13F, 14F: 2
14W, 15W: 9L
14S, 15S: 9L


ENGS 22, or equivalent




Phan (fall)
Hansen (winter)
Trembly (spring)


Winter 2014: see list
Fall 2013: see list
Spring 2014: see list

A study of the fundamental properties of distributed systems and their description in terms of scalar and vector fields. After a summary of vector-field theory, the formulation of conservation laws, source laws, and constitutive equations is discussed. Energy and force relations are developed and the nature of potential fields, wave fields, and diffusion fields is examined. A survey of elementary transport processes is given. Particular attention is given to the relation between the description of systems in terms of discrete and distributed parameters. Applications are chosen primarily from fluid mechanics, electromagnetic theory, and heat transfer. Includes a set of laboratories.