ENGG 198: Research-In-Progress Workshop


16W: Arrange

No Textbook Required

17W: Arrange


Ph.D. student standing

Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B, B.E., M.E.M., or M.S. degree requirements

Annual meeting of all doctoral candidates in residence with each candidate presenting in generally understandable terms his or her research progress over the past year.

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Research-In-Progress Workshop 2011
Research-In-Progress Workshop 2011
Research-In-Progress Workshop 2010
Research-In-Progress Workshop 2009
Research-In-Progress Workshop 2009
Research-In-Progress Workshop 2009


Research-In-Progress Winners 2011: Ph.D. candidates Michael Mastanduno speaks about "MR-Guided Near Infrared Optical Spectroscopy for Structural and Functional In-Vivo Imaging of Breast Cancer" and Paolo Giacometti speaks about "Head Probe for Combined Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Electroencephalography" at the Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society.

Research-in-Progress Workshop 2011 Part One: Microfabricated Inductors: Each year, Thayer Ph.D. students present their research to the community. In this video, Daniel Harburg discusses microfabricating inductors for LED solid-state lighting applications.

Research-in-Progress Workshop 2011 Part Two: Cellulosic Biofuels: Veronique Archambault-Leger discusses her work in the pre-treatment of biomass for cellulosic biofuels.

Research-in-Progress Workshop 2011 Part Three: Guided Surgical Microscope: Kolbein Kolste discusses his work with adapting fluorescence-guided microscopes for cancer research and surgeries.

Research-in-Progress Workshop 2011 Part Four: Austenitic Alloys for Energy Conversion: Geneva Trotter discusses her work with novel high-temperature austenitic alloys for energy conversion application.

Research-In-Progress Workshop 2010: In this video, hear from Matthew Pallone, one of the first-place poster session winners.

Ph.D. Candidates Research-In-Progress Winners 2010: Ph.D. candidate Alex Bijamov speaks about "Towards $1000 Human Genome Sequencing Using Force Spectroscopy" and Ph.D. candidate John Lamppa speaks about "Novel Enzyme Therapeutics for Bacterial Biofilm Treatment" at the Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society.