ENGG 192: Independent or Group Study in Engineering Sciences


All terms: arrange

Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B degree requirements. May not be used for term-length research or design projects.

An independent study course in lieu of, or supplementary to, a 100-level course, as arranged with a faculty member. To be used in satisfaction of advanced degree requirements, requests for approval must be submitted to the Thayer School graduate program director no later than the end of the first week of classes in the term in which the course is to be taken. No more than one such course should be used in satisfaction of requirements for any degree. Proposed courses should include full syllabus, resources and student evaluation methods.

ENGG 192: Radiation Therapy Physics (Offered 13F: Tues/Thurs 3:00-5:00pm)

This course will provide a comprehensive instruction on all aspects of Advanced Radiation Therapy Physics for the graduate student interested in Therapeutic Medical Physics training. The course follows ENGS 167 and ENGG 168 using concepts of imaging and radiation transport to understand radiation dosimetry and real patient treatment planning at both the practical and theoretical levels. Daily readings and chapter summaries will be used to guide the students through the course, with twice weekly discussion sessions recapping what has been covered. The course will follow the well-known textbook on this subject by Faiz Khan (4th edition) and will have a major test on the first half of the book, which covers the basics of radiation dosimetry treatment planning from external beam sources. The second half of the course will cover more advanced topics, and each student will pick a topic to focus their final project on, where a more detailed in depth presentation of each subject will be required, with presentation and written summary. Weekly exposure to practical aspects of radiation therapy physics will be incorporated through shadowing of NCCC Medical Physics personnel.

Instructors: Pogue
Prerequisites: ENGS 167 and ENGG 168, or permission of instructor